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Connie St Louis is an award-winning broadcaster, journalist, academic, writer and scientist. She presents and produces a range of health programmes for radio including BBC Radio’s 4 landmark seven ages of man series, “Life as…” and was a presenter of “Health Matters” on BBC World Service. Her most recent BBC Radio 4 documentary was ‘Ethnic Drugs the Magic Bullet?’ which examined the development of race specific designer drugs by the pharmaceutical industry in recent years.


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  1. Hi Connie –

    I am trying to get your e-mail so I can send you some details of my trip over.



  2. Liz Allan

    February 6, 2010

    Hello Connie Can you help me? I am a PGCE student, and I remember hearing a Radio 4 programme about Afro-Caribbean boys whose parents sent them to Jamacia for a summer school because they felt that the English school system was failing them. Did you present that programme? I need references for an essay, and I can’t remember the title. (PS I used to work at Bush House some years ago!) Many Thanks! Liz Allan


    • Connie St Louis

      February 6, 2010

      Hi Liz
      The programme was called raising Ham . The first programme was called Mothers and the second was called Fathers. It was produced bt Mary Ward-Lowery who is based in BBC Bristol.
      Hope this helps



  3. Mandana Mofidi

    February 4, 2011

    Hi Connie,

    Hope the new year is treating you well. Was thinking about you the other day and wanted to send you a hello. Please send me an email at your earliest convenience. Would like to get your thoughts on a matter. My email is: mandanamofidi@gmail.com

    Many thanks,

  4. Hi Connie!
    I met with you in 2004/5 because of Katie Harrod (nee Steer) while I was trying to get some experience in the world of radio production. I had a blast at Somethin’ Else in Shoreditch and I never got to thank you for your advice and time. Hope you are well!

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