Press Release from the Korean Federation of Women’s Science & Technology Associations

June 16, 2015


[press release] KOFWST and Sir Tim Hunt_June 17I just received this press release from the Korea Federation of Women’s Science & Technology Associations. It outlines the apology that Sir Tim Hunt sent to them after his comments last week.

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A Salutary Lesson

May 9, 2014


The one thing I have learned from this exchange in the Columbia Journalism Review last year, is that on the web it is important to keep correcting the record. I regret that due to time pressures at the end of term, I was unable to engage with the comments after I published the article. This has […]

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In Media Res

June 28, 2011


The programme excerpt shows the start of a television programme which was the BBC’s response to ‘ClimateGate’. It was presented by Sir Paul Nurse, Nobel winning president of the Royal Society. The programme posed the question: Why in a world that is so dependent on science, do some people not trust scientists? He has a […]

The Dark Side of Science Journalism?

February 7, 2010


The Dark Side of Science Journalism? At the recent Science 2010 Online conference in North Carolina, I was co-presenting a paper and posing the somewhat contentious question “How does a journalist know which scientists to trust?” It was an attempt to outline some of the more difficult processes that the science journalist has to navigate […]

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